Commander Highlights Unity among Different Iranian Ethnic Groups

Commander Highlights Unity among Different Iranian Ethnic Groups

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A senior Iranian military commander praised the unity among various ethnic groups and tribes living in the country, saying that they have always been supporters of the Islamic Republic and national values.

“Various Iranian ethnic and religious groups, with their unity and integrity and focus on the ruling system and leadership, attach great significance to the country’s progress as well as religious, national and revolutionary values,"  Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said on Wednesday.

"They have been heroic in this path (defending the country),” he added.

He emphasized that regardless of their tradition and culture, the Iranian tribes are regarded as “a strong fortress” of support for the ruling system.

The Iranian commander went on to say that over the past 36 years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the tribes and religious minorities have demonstrated that they are vigilant against the plots hatched by enemies of the country.

In relevant remarks earlier in January, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the issue of unity is regarded as one of the main tenets of the Islamic Revolution.

Iran will remain committed to pursuing unity “although others in the region may sometimes have not an accurate view on the subject, however, that will not change our attitude,” the speaker added.

Larijani further blamed “foreign trends” for trying to disrupt peaceful coexistence across the Middle East region in recent decades, but made it clear that Iran focuses on unity as the cornerstone.

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