Official Underlines Direct Impacts of Islamic Awakening Movement on Palestinian Issue

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بختیاری وزیر دادگستری

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Minister of Justice Morteza Bakhtiari said regional developments and the Islamic Awakening movement in Egypt leave direct impacts on issues related to Palestine and the holy Quds.

"Definitely, the Islamic Awakening and the events in Egypt and Syria are directly related to Quds developments," Bakhtiari told Tasnim today.

Such matters highlight the great significance and high sensitivity of this year’s International Quds Day, he added.

Meatime, Muslim nations showed a massive participation in rallies marking the International Quds Day after the recent developments in Egypt and region, specially the US efforts to revive the so called peace talks between the Zionist regime of Israel and Palestinian Authority.

The rallies were held at the time that the US has started new efforts to revive the so called Middle East peace talks amid the latest political chaos in Egypt in which scores of people have been killed in almost daily clashes between supporters of the deposed President Mohamed Mursi, his opponents, and the country’s security forces since July 3, when army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced that President Mursi was no longer in office.


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