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Dear readers,

Tasnim News Agency is a new but at the same time a leading news agency in Iran. It covers a wide variety of political, social, economic and international subjects along with other fields in an effort to boost public knowledge and awareness both inside and outside the country.

Defending the Islamic Revolution against negative media propaganda campaign and providing our readers with realities on the ground about Iran and Islam, specially current wave of the Islamic Awakening in the region are top on our agenda in Tasnim News Agency.

The Islamic nature of the developments in the region and similarities between the Islamic Awakening Movement, which swept the Middle East and North Africa since 2011, and Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution have unveiled Islamic Revolution’s inspiring role in the region. The development came despite efforts made by opponents and enemies of Iran to block the country’s growing influence in the region and in the world.

For its part, the English department of Tasnim News Agency, staffed with skilled Iranian media professionals, will provide readers with English version of articles, news, photos, videos and analyses produced in the Persian department, but not necessarily every piece of the Persian products.

Meantime, we will have our own products in English and will use the latest photos and videos in our news in a bid to provide further details of developments.

Tasnim News Agency will do its best to bring to light the true aspects of events and developments in Iran and in the world, and will also cover the latest developments regarding the Islamic Awakening Movement.

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We started releasing news on our English website on August 9, 2013 and our activities coincided with Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan 1434 AH (lunar calendar) and Mordad 18, 1392 SH (solar calendar), about 9 months after the official opening of our Persian department.

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