Syria Agrees to Allow UN Access to Alleged Chemical Attack Sites

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Syria agreed to allow UN inspectors access to sites in suburbs of Damascus where alleged chemical attacks occurred.

دفتر سازمان ملل در سوریه

Syria agreed on Sunday to allow UN inspectors access to sites in the Damascus suburbs where alleged chemical attacks occurred last week, according to state television.

According to Syrian state media, the UN and the government are still working to set the date and time of the agreed visit.

As the US and its allies weighed up options on how to respond to last week’s attack in eastern Damascus, Barack Obama and David Cameron said they were “gravely concerned” by the growing signs that chemical weapons had been used in Syria.

On Saturday, Mr Obama summoned his national security team to discuss reports of the attack. Later, he held a 40-minute phone call with Mr Cameron, focused on the crisis, Reuters reported.

As the UN pressed for access to the sites where hundreds of civilians, including children, died in an apparent poison gas attack, a British government statement said both men “reiterated that significant use of chemical weapons would merit a serious response from the international community”.

It added that “both have tasked officials to examine all the options”.

The Associated Press reported that US naval forces were moving closer to Syria as Mr Obama considered military options.

Iran warned the US against crossing a “red line” onSyria, saying it would have “severe consequences”.



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