Cleric: US Policies in ME Sign of Confusion

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A top Iranian cleric said the global opposition to US military assault on Syria has left the White House alone in its warmongering policies in the region, and laid bare the ineffectiveness of using force for settling crises.

Cleric: US Policies in ME Sign of Confusion

A resounding defeat awaits US militarism, Ayatollah Seyed Ahmad Alamolhoda told Tasnim on Tuesday, adding, “The world has stood up against the US ... and the country finds itself alone and confused in the region."

Ayatollah Alamolhoda added no one can predict how a possible war may unfold, and the result of a confrontation is unclear for the US, and that officials there are not sure whether they can achieve the intended objectives after a military operation.

He further said the US is stuck in a morass of problems, and its entire moves will only aggravate its condition.

The US has been pushing for military action on Syria, after foreign-backed opposition forces accused President Bashar al-Assad’s government of carrying out a chemical attack on militant strongholds in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21, a charge the Syrian government has strongly denied.

US President Barack Obama, however, stopped short of ordering a strike on Saturday and said he would seek the endorsement of Congress for any assault on Syria.

The US and France seem to be the only western countries ready to strike Syria, but recent opinion polls in both countries have shown strong opposition to a military involvement there.

Britain has already voted against taking any military action on Syria, and France has said it will not act without the United States as a partner.

On Sunday, US lawmakers questioned the possible unintended consequence of dragging the US into another military conflict and the wisdom of acting without broader international backing to share the burden.

The US Congress is due to reconvene on September 9 and will hold a vote on military action at some point after that.


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