Activist: Bahraini Nation Will No Longer Tolerate Saudi Occupation

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Bahraini nation can no longer tolerate the presence of the occupiers in their land and will soon expel the Saudi troops from the country, said Qasim al-Hashemi, a member of the Bahrain International Mission.

Activist: Bahraini Nation Will No Longer Tolerate Saudi Occupation

“The Bahraini nation has dedicated many martyrs and parted with many of its values due to the never-ending atrocities of the Al Khalifa regime," Qassem al-Hashemi told Tasnim News Agency.

Condemning the repressive measures of Bahraini and Saudi forces gainst the opposition, he said, “These two puppet regimes have done their utmost to extinguish the flames of revolution in Bahrain and revert the country to its dark past, ignoring the fact that the revolution of Bahrain's people will rage on as long as Al Khalif and Al Saud are present in the country."

On March 14, 2011, thousands of troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates crossed into Bahrain to help the local security forces crush a popular uprising against the ruling Al Khalifa regime, in what the opposition has called an occupation of their country. More than two years on, the Saudis have refused to pull their troops out of the small island nation.

“A country like Saudi Arabia had better take care of its internal problems, rather than dispatching troops to other countries and being concerned about the ouster of ruling families like the Al Khalifa dynasty.”

The member of the Bahrain International Mission also said that the Saudi Arabian regime is on the verge of change and that it could be haunted by the same problems that have beset the Bahraini regime for almost three years.

Saudi Arabia has not been immune to the wave of uprisings that has affected some countries in the region since early 2011. The country's Eastern Province, home to most of Saudi Arabia's oil production, has witnesses numerous protests in which about two dozen people have been killed by security forces. 

In the latest such incident, security forces shot dead a teenager in the town of Awamiya in Eastern Province on September 6.

Al Saud rulers have also been the target of the protests, especially after security forces killed five protesters and injured many others in the province since November 2011.


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