President Rouhani: Iran to Maintain Peaceful Interaction with World

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Government of 'prudence and hope' is determined to establish peaceful, constructive relationships with different countries, as it has said from the very beginning, and would remain faithful to that policy, said President Hassan Rouhani.

President Rouhani: Iran to Maintain Peaceful Interaction with World

"The government of prudence and hope is after constructive interaction with the world, and will be faithful to this theme... In my new York trip, I was abled to see the greateness of the Iranian nation from the perspective of others. All the developed countries, without exception, wanted to meet the elected president of the great Iranian nation," said President Rouhani, addressing students here in Tehran University on Monday.

He said that the presidents and high-ranking officials were not, as they used to be in the past, after advising the Iranian officials in those meetings.

“They were ready for cooperation, interaction and dialogue on regional and international issues,” he said.

Rouhani emphasized that the government would use the positive atmosphere to address the country’s problems, saying the new government inherited empty cofferes and a huge amount of debt.

President Rouhani had on numerous occasions, including in his UN General Assembly address, noted that his government is after constructive and peaceful interaction with the whole world.

"We will seek effective and constructive understanding and interaction with the outside world, focus on mutual confidence building with our neighbors and other regional and international actors... We will work on easing and removing tensions in our foreign relations and strengthening our relationship with our traditional and new partners in all regions," Rouhani told the UN.



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