Salehi: Iran to Launch UO2 Production Lines Soon

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – As Iran plans to construct new nuclear power plants on the southern shores of the country, head of its Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) said on Tuesday that the production lines of natural and enriched UO2 (uranium dioxide) will be launched in the coming months.

Salehi: Iran to Launch UO2 Production Lines Soon

Ali Akbar Salehi made the comment during a tour of various sections of Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) on Tuesday. 

He also said that the country’s nuclear industry has now reached a stage that in can put research and scientific development, science generation, and improvement of the nation’s living standards on its agenda.

Uranium dioxide or uranium (IV) oxide (UO2), also known as urania or uranous oxide, is an oxide of uranium, which is a black, radioactive, crystalline powder that naturally occurs in the mineral uraninite, and used in nuclear fuel rods for nuclear reactors.

Salehi said in early October that the necessary work to identify locations for future nuclear power plants had been done, adding that the top priority for construction of the next power plants were given to Iran’s southern coasts.

Iran has carried out studies to determine proper locations for construction of new nuclear power plants, with the country’s southern coasts having the priority to host the facilities.

He also noted that as these new power plants are built along with water desalination plants, the country’s southern provinces, which are in a growing need of fresh water, provide suitable sites for such power plants.

Salehi added that negotiations with Russia were underway for construction of new plants, but added that the number of the facilities was unclear and would be announced as soon as an agreement was reached.

He also stated that the construction of the second unit of the Bushehr power plant would begin in the near future.


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