Iran’s N. Facilities Immune to All Threats: Civil Defense Official

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iranian Civil Defense Organization’s preemptive measures in making the country’s nuclear facilities immune to all threats have disappointed the Islamic Republic’s adversaries, a senior official said Friday.

Iran’s N. Facilities Immune to All Threats: Civil Defense Official

“By designing absolutely safe infrastructures and facilities in Fordo and Isfahan’s UCF (Uranium Conversion Facility), the civil defense (organization) has put a thorn in the side of enemies, namely Israel and the US,” Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization General Gholam Reza Jalali said on Friday, in an address to a large congregation of Iranian people here in Tehran.

He also noted that his organization is fully prepared to deter and thwart all threats in diverse fields, noting that the contemporary threats are not merely military ones anymore.

“In today’s world, threats of different shapes and nature are evolving, and they involve a shift from military spheres to economic, cyber, cultural and soft war arenas,” he explained.

General Jalali, however, asserted that Iran’s Civil Defense Organization is capable of countering threats before they would have any effect on the country.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, Jalali had announced that three bases tasked with confronting a broad range of threats have been in place in the last two years, adding that a fourth base is due to come into service in the future.

Speaking in a press conference here in Tehran at the time, Jalali said that currently three defense bases are working under the Civil Defense Organization’s supervision to counter cyber, radiation and biological-chemical threats, and said, “A fourth base, titled economic defense base, is soon to be established.”

He had made it clear that thwarting foreign plots against Iranian nuclear facilities was among top priorities of the cyber defense base.

Moreover, Commander of Shahid Nasr Air Defense Zone General Jokar said in early August that Iran’s air defense forces were fully prepared to defend a key Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) in the country's central province of Isfahan.

“This site (Isfahan’s UCF) is in 100% of preparedness in terms of equipment, human resources, and logistics,” the commander had explained.

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