IRGC to Stage Wargames in Central Province

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) plans to stage military drills in Iran’s central province of Markazi in late November, with a local brigade participating in the drills, according to a commander.

IRGC to Stage Wargames in Central Province

The IRGC’s 71st brigade, based in the central province of Markazi, is preparing to hold military exercises on November 26-29 in the provincial regions, Genral Mohsen Karimi, lieutenant commander of the brigade told reporters on Tuesday.

According to the commander, the main objectives of the upcoming drills are to promote the brigade’s operational capabilities in unconventional circumstances, assess its battle readiness in action, pursue tactical purposes and develop the skills in rapid reaction operations.

General Karimi also noted that the wargames will test and boost the military preparedness of the brigade in countering all types of threats.

The country’s province of Markazi hosts a nuclear facility: Arak heavy-water reactor.

Arak heavy-water reactor, also known as IR-40, uses natural uranium oxide fuel  and is designed to produce radio medicines and also 40 megawatts of power.

In the meantime, Iranian military and defense forces have also ensured that they are fully prepared to counter all threats against the country’s nuclear facilities, including the heavy water reactor in Arak.

On October 25, Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization General Gholam Reza Jalali said his organization’s preemptive measures in making the country’s nuclear facilities immune to all threats have disappointed the Islamic Republic’s adversaries.

“By designing absolutely safe infrastructures and facilities in Fordo and Isfahan’s UCF (Uranium Conversion Facility), the civil defense (organization) has put a thorn in the side of enemies, namely Israel and the US,” Jalili said at the time.

Moreover, Commander of Shahid Nasr Air Defense Zone General Jokar said in early August that Iran’s air defense forces were fully prepared to defend a key Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) in the country's central province of Isfahan.

“This site (Isfahan’s UCF) is in 100% of preparedness in terms of equipment, human resources, and logistics,” the commander had explained.

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