IRGC Official Calls on West to Practically Fulfill Promises after N. Deal

IRGC Official Calls on West to Practically Fulfill Promises after N. Deal

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran is waiting to see practical implementation of undertakings by the western sides, said a senior official at the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), as Iran and the six major world powers clinched an interim deal over Tehran’s nuclear program on Sunday.

Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Hojjatoleslam Ali Saeedi, the Supreme Leader’s representative in the IRGC said the negotiating parties in Geneva talks are well aware that Iran would never retreat from its principles.

"But" Saeedi said "all of us are waiting to see whether the western sides would fulfill their promises or not."

He made the remarks after Tehran and the six major world powers -- the US, Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany -- signed an interim agreement over Iran’s nuclear energy program following more than four days of intensive discussions in the Swiss city of Geneva early on Sunday.

Saeedi said the history reveals that the West, particularly the US, has in several cases reneged on its promises, and cautioned the Iranian officials to remain vigilant in face of the enemies’ moves.

“Basically, the westerners, particularly Americans, do not keep their promises, and they have made commitments in many cases, but they have breached them,” the IRGC official explained.

In relevant comments in the same day, Iran’s foreign minister called on all the negotiating parties in nuclear talks with Tehran to seize the opportunity brought by the landmark nuclear deal, and added the US has to restore the confidence of the Iranian nation.

“I think the West, particularly the US, needs to do a lot to at least partially restore confidence, the confidence of the Iranian people,” Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

He also made it clear that if any new sanctions are imposed against Iran by the West, the nuclear accord will “end” in failure.

“If there are new sanctions, then there is no deal. It’s very clear. End of the deal. Because of the inability of one party to maintain their side of the bargain,” Zarif stressed.

This comes as the US lawmakers from both parties said Sunday they are skeptical that Iran will stick to the new nuclear deal and want Congress to prepare fresh economic penalties to hit Tehran if the accord falls apart.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama has urged Congress to hold off on any new sanctions and give the accord a chance to prove its worth.

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