Lifting of UN Sanctions Makes US Bans on Iran Crumble: Zarif

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – If the UN Security Council sanctions against Iran are lifted, the US sanctions could be reduced to scrap paper, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in parliament as he was briefing the lawmakers on the details of the latest nuclear deal with six world powers.

Lifting of UN Sanctions Makes US Bans on Iran Crumble: Zarif

" What caused these bans to put pressure on the Iranian nation -- which has bravely resisted against them and provided the nuclear negotiation team with an effective means to encounter the Americans prestigiously-- was due to to the existence of those UN Security sanctions,” said Zarif.

If the Security Council sanctions collapse, the US sanctions would be no more than paper scraps, Zarif predicted, adding," They have imposed sanctions on us during the last 35 years, but in the declaration they agreed to lift all the nuclear-related bans against the country."

Asked about the monetary and banking sanctions imposed by the West, he said, “We will begin the negotiations as of today, but I cannot reverse the previous moves.After cracks appear in the sanctions, everything will return back to normal.”

Iran and six of the world's powers – the United States, France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia – agreed on a first step deal that will put a cap on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for easing some of the economic sanctions that have been slapped on the country.

The agreement runs for six months while negotiations continue on a comprehensive final deal.

The deal stipulates that Iran will commit to halt uranium enrichment above 5 percent and also to neutralize its stockpile of near-20 percent enriched uranium. The Islamic Republic has also committed to halt progress on its enrichment capacity. Iran will also suspend work at its heavy-water research reactor and provide greater access to nuclear inspectors.

In return, the six powers have agreed to several measures including enabling the repatriation of a set amount of Iranian revenues held abroad and suspending the existing bans on insurance and transportation of Iran’s crude.

The EU and US sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical export, gold and precious metals and auto industry as well as the supply of spare parts for the Iranian airplanes would also be suspended.

Furthermore, no new sanctions will be imposed against Iran by the UN Security Council, the European Union or the US.

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