Report: Hezbollah Taking Extraordinary Security Measures in Dahieh

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Hezbollah started taking extraordinary security measures in its stronghold of Dahieh in Beirut's southern suburbs in light of recent attacks in the area, media reports said on Sunday.

Report: Hezbollah Taking Extraordinary Security Measures in Dahieh

As part of these measures, members of the party closed off a number of roads leading to the area, limiting access to Dahieh to a few routes.

It also moved a number of its offices and residences of its officials to areas outside of Dahieh, reported the Kuwaiti daily al-Anba on Sunday.

Sources monitoring the situation stressed that Hezbollah's leadership is following up on the security file and efforts to confront groups behind the bomb attacks in Dahieh.

The party has “detailed information about the groups that are seeking to pressure Hezbollah's support base in order to force it to alter its stances,” they explained.

Moreover, Hezbollah has recently set up three military councils that are independent of each other.

One tackles the situation in Syria, the second focuses on the front with Israel, while the third addresses Lebanese affairs, said the daily.

A number of bombings had taken place in recent months in Dahieh, Naharnet reported.

Four people were killed in the latest suicide attack that took place in the Haret Hreik neighborhood on Tuesday.

Al-Nusra Front had warned that these attacks are a response to the party's fighting in the conflict in Syria alongside the country's ruling  government.

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