Explosions Target Baghdad's Green Zone

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – At least sixteen people were killed in Baghdad's "Green Zone" Wednesday after three car bombs exploded in the area.

Explosions Target Baghdad's Green Zone

The first two car bombs exploded opposite from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs killing five and the third card was driven by a suicide bomber, detonating himself and the vehicle near a restaurant located close to a checkpoint that is one street away from the start of the Green Zone.

The latter bomb left four people dead, Reuters reported.

The Green Zone, which is home to the prime minister's office as well as several Western Embassies, is usually considered the more secure areas of Iraq's capital, but Wednesday's blast, which followed a Tuesday rocket attack in the Green Zone, seem to confirm that the security situation in the Green Zone – like that of the rest of Baghdad – is rapidly deteriorating.

In related news from Baghdad Wednesday, an explosion in the city's Khullani Square in the central part of the capital left four others dead.

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