Commander: Iran’s Military Might Disheartens Enemies

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iranian Air Force commander praised the country's Armed Forces for their high military capabilities, and reiterated that such a high level of defensive preparedness has dissuaded the enemies from envisaging taking a military action against Iran.

Commander: Iran’s Military Might Disheartens Enemies

Addressing a gathering of foreign military attachés and Iranian high-ranking Air Force officers in Tehran on Monday, Brigadier General Hassan Shahsafi deplore the US talk of military option against Iran, and said, “We are confident that the Iranian Armed Forces’ military capability has prevented them (US officials) even from thinking about this issue (a possible military action).”

Enumerating the Iranian Air Force’s remarkable achievements in recent years, the commander underlined his forces’ full preparedness to counter any possible aerial threats.

Shahsafi, however, reiterated that Iran pursues a “defensive doctrine," and ensured that the Islamic Republic will never attack any country, as has it never done before.

He then referred to the country’s lowest military budget in comparison with the other regional countries, a testimony to Iran’s defensive doctrine.

In relevant remarks on February 7, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh dismissed US military threats against Iran, stressing that the US is “too weak” to wage war on the Islamic Republic.

He underlined that the defense and military capabilities of the Islamic Republic have “made the Americans helpless."

The IRGC commander referred to remarks by US officials about the military option being on the table, and said the US arrogant mentality is nothing new.

This comes after US Secretary of State John Kerry in a CNN interview on Thursday had once again threatened Iran, saying “we’ve lost nothing off the table.”

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