Syrian Army Discovers Main Industry of Car Bombings

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Syrian army discovered on Tuesday the main industry of car bombs in the city of Yabroud, recently liberated from the Takfiri (extremist) terrorists gangs active in Syria.

Syrian Army Discovers Main Industry of Car Bombings

The cars were used to be booby-trapped in that center in preparation to be sent to Lebanon, where Takfiri suicide bombers would be awaiting for them.

The discovered facility was also used by armed groups to produce improvised explosive devices and hand-made rockets.

Al-Manar TV broadcast scenes from Yabroud, showing the Syrian engineering corps dismantling a car bomb that was intended to be sent to Lebanon.

The 4-wheel drive car is of Lebanese origin and contains 200 kilograms of explosives, and has the same features of the cars being exploded in Lebanon since July 2013.

Al-Manar reporter indicated that a professional terrorist has worked on connecting cables of the explosive materials inside the car and managed to hide them under almost all of its parts.

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