Iranian Army Ground Force Showcases Latest Military Equipment

Iranian Army Ground Force Showcases Latest Military Equipment

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iran’s Army Ground Force held an exhibition of its latest defensive achievements and military equipment in south of the country.

A major exhibition of the most recent weaponry in possession of the Army Ground Force opened in Iran’s southwestern city of Andimeshk on Thursday.

The latest military equipment and state-of-the-art arms have gone on display in the exhibit.

The Iranian military experts and technicians serving in the Army Ground Force have in recent years made great headways in manufacturing a broad range of indigenous equipment, making the force self-sufficient in the arms sphere.

Earlier in September 2013, Commander of Iran’s Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan unveiled the force's latest version of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), dubbed ‘Yasir’.

According to the senior commander, Yasir, which enjoys high flight capability, has been locally mass produced.

According to the commander, the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of the Iranian Army has conducted remarkable work in producing new equipment, especially electronic warfare systems.

Pourdastan had also announced earlier that the country has equipped army units with a new type of advanced suicide drone which is capable of destroying both air and ground targets.

In relevant comments in February, he stated that the force is planning to increase the range of its missiles.

Citing the great accomplishments of the ground force, Pourdastan said his forces’ latest achievements will be put on display on April 18, 2014, marking Iran’s National Army Day.

He noted that the force’s experts have upgraded and successfully test-fired the Naze’at medium-range missile and are planning to work on upgrading the indigenously-made Fateh 110 high-precision missile.

The fourth generation of the Fateh 110 missile with the capability of hitting all specified points and with a range of more than 300 kilometers was successfully test-fired last year.

The missile is capable of targeting and destroying land and sea targets, enemy concentration centers, missile sites, ammunition depots, radars and other targets with high precision.

It is a surface-to-surface solid-fuel missile and is said to be one of Iran’s ballistic missiles.

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