Basij Official Urges Global Condemnation of West’s Human Rights Violation

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Deputy head of Iran’s Basij (voluntary forces) organization for international affairs called on the country’s diplomatic channels to put forward the reports of the Western countries’ violation of human rights in the international circles.

Basij Official Urges Global Condemnation of West’s Human Rights Violation

Ahmad Esfandiari said the Iranian diplomats should let the world countries know about such reports and take those documents to the international courts.

He made the remarks during a special ceremony held to unveil the first report on Britain’s human rights violations.

The report, enumerating different cases of human rights violation in England in 2013 and 2014, was released in a ceremony held in Tehran University's Sheikh Ansari Hall.

The report elaborates on different aspects of human rights violations by Britain, including violation of the rights of minorities, violation of rights of Muslims, violation of the privacy of citizens, violation of freedom of speech and violence against women in England.

Earlier in January, Iran also unveiled the 2014 edition of the report on human rights violations in the United States.
Those documents have been compiled by the Tehran-based International Human Rights Center.

The United States, which has already been criticized for politicizing the issue of human rights, is one of the major self-proclaimed defenders of human rights.

Excessive use of force by the US police against protesters, people of color in particular, are among the thorny issues staining the country's rights record.

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