US Unable to Estimate IRGC New Weapon’s Power: Commander

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Americans could not evaluate features of the new naval weapon that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps employed in a recent military drill in the Persian Gulf, IRGC Navy commander said.

US Unable to Estimate IRGC New Weapon’s Power: Commander

“The weapon that we tested in the recent war game is very strategic, as the Americans cannot estimate its power and efficiency,” Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said in interview with al-Alam Arabic language news network.

Last week, the IRGC held three-day military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, known as the most strategic waterway in the Persian Gulf. Units from the IRGC Navy, Ground Force and Aerospace Division took part in the drills.

On the final day of the war game, the IRGC utilized a new strategic weapon for the naval forces. It is a cruise missile fired from underwater.

Elsewhere in his comments, the commander said presence of the US forces in the Persian Gulf “creates problem”, noting that Iran is able to ensure security of the strategic waterway.

“The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps monitors the region round the clock and the distance between we and Americans is only a few hundred meters when they want to pass the Strait of Hormuz,” he added.

Earlier on February 24, IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari praised the military power of the Iranian Navy, saying that the naval forces have “full control” over the country's southern waters.

“An unparalleled power has been gained (by Iranian forces), which we do not want to test on the ground,” General Jafari said.

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