Gazans Continue to Struggle after Israel 50-Day War

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Many Palestinians continue to suffer the consequences of the Israeli regime’s 50-day war against the besieged Gaza Strip last summer.

Gazans Continue to Struggle after Israel 50-Day War

Months after the end of the war which started last July, unexploded Israeli bombs and missiles are still threatening the safety of Palestinians.

A family living in Beit Hanoun, a city on the northeast edge of the Gaza Strip, has been living with an unexploded missile for months.

“On the 27th of December, the truce was made. I came back home and found that it had been hit with an F-16 missile. It had penetrated the three stories of the building. It has been down there in the basement for eight months and no one has done anything about it yet,” said Fadl Nassir, a member of the family.

The family says financial difficulties give them no choice but to remain in the house, Press TV reported.

“I’m watching the children all the time to keep them away from the missile-hit home. No one is visiting us, because they are all afraid of an imminent explosion. We now share this house with this bomb. War has ended everywhere but here,” said Hayam Nassir, another member of the family.

Over 2,130 Palestinians lost their lives and some 11,000 were injured in the war. Gaza Health officials say the victims included 578 children and nearly 260 women.

About 1,500 buildings and structures were also demolished during the Israeli offensive.

According to Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, an investigation of only 70 Israeli strikes on Gaza last summer showed that more than 70 percent of the 606 Palestinians killed in those strikes were minors, women or elderly.

Gaza Strip has been under a crippling Israeli siege since 2007. The blockade, which has cut off the territory from the outside world, has led to an economic and humanitarian crisis in the densely-populated enclave.

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