At Least 2 People Shot at NYC Federal Building

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Police have confirmed that at least two people have been shot at a federal building in Lower Manhattan Friday afternoon.


Details are still scarce, but initial reports indicate that at least one federal agent has been shot at a federal building by the intersection of Varick and Houston, according to a report by Sputnik news.

Sources confirm that both the 58-year-old guard and the suspect have died.

NBC New York reports that the man walked into the lobby of the federal building, shot a private security guard, and then shot himself in the head. The guard is believed to be in critical condition.

Police are warning people to expect traffic delays and street closures in the area.

The building reportedly houses Congressman Jerry Nadler’s office, an immigrant court, post office and branch offices for the Department of Justice and Department of Labor.




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