Report: Iran Deal Opponents Try New Approaches to Stop JCPOA Implementation

Report: Iran Deal Opponents Try New Approaches to Stop JCPOA Implementation

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – US Republicans and a handful of Democrats are trying their hardest to stop the implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement by adopting new measures after they failed to block the accord on September 17.

According to an article by Oil on Tuesday, the opponents of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Tehran and world powers are seeking to adopt two possible approaches to make the implementation process difficult.

“There are two basic approaches being used in Congress right now: The first is Republican Paul Ryan’s approach of questioning the tax rules related to Iran going forward. Under the current law, there are various severe tax penalties that discourage US companies from doing business with Iran. These rules effectively shut Iran out from doing business with US companies, including the technologically advanced US oil sector.”

Ryan wrote a letter to President Obama questioning the impact of the agreement on these tax rules. Ryan wrote "Your policy raises serious questions about whether you intend to keep in place tax rules that discourage conducting business with Iran."

The second approach will involve the renewal of the Iran Sanctions Act.

“Under the nuclear deal, the President has suspended the sanctions imposed by Congress, but the legislation creating those sanctions – the Iran Sanctions Act – is not something that Obama can remove altogether. Instead, the Iran Sanctions Act has a sunset provision where it will expire in late 2016,” the article added. 

Many Republicans and some Democrats want to reauthorize the Iran Sanctions Act until 2026, but the White House is opposing that measure. Leading the charge on reauthorization are Republican Mark Kirk of Illinois and Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey, so there is certainly some measure of bilateral support for the idea.

The fear in the White House is that Iran might see the reauthorization as a provocation and that it might even lead Iran to walk away from what could be Obama’s signature foreign policy accomplishment.

Given that, it is not a surprise that some Republican Presidential candidates are already coming out in favor of reauthorization.

Republicans, who are in control of both houses of Congress, have failed to reject the nuclear agreement with Iran on three separate occasions this month.

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