Putin Warns about Global Threat of Terrorist Groups

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned against the extension of terrorist groups from the Middle East region to across the globe.

Putin Warns about Global Threat of Terrorist Groups

“Having established a foothold in Syria and some other Middle Eastern countries, the terrorists have built, and continue building plans to increase expansion to destabilize entire regions, have recruited and continue to recruit fighters into their ranks from many countries, including - unfortunately - from Russia and CIS ( the Commonwealth of Independent States) countries,” Putin said on Tuesday in a meeting with high-ranking officers.

He added that Russian security forces have managed to thwart 20 militant attacks, kill as many as 112 militants and arrest more than 560 suspects so far this year.

“We must continue to act as vigorously and effectively. In this regard, it is crucially important to identify the links of Russian-based militants with international terrorist groups and their patrons,” he added.

The Russian president went on to say that his country’s military operation in Syria against terrorists proves that Russia is able to defend itself against any terrorist attack, Press TV reported.

“As a result of the operation it has been confirmed that Russia is ready to adequately and effectively respond to the terrorist threat and any other threats to our country. I want to thank the personnel involved in the operation for their professionalism and courage,” said Putin.

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