Iran’s Mehdi Khodabakhshi Wants Olympics Gold

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TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Mehdi Khodabakhshi said that he can't wait to compete at Rio 2016.

He could not take part at Grand Prix Final in Mexico City on December 5-6 due to injury. However, he expects to be back to full fighting fitness by year-end.

“I plan to get a gold in the Olympics – I will deliver my best-ever performance! – and then I am not sure if I want to carry on,” he told

“I am under a lot of pressure and stress which affects my personal life. I want to have some sort of calm.”

“Although I was forced to start taekwondo from a young age, as I got older, I learned more about the art,” he said. “The more it became a profession for me, the more I found it interesting.”

“My family is very proud and happy as I am successful, but they care about my well-being more than my achievements in taekwondo,” Khodabakhshi said.

“Since I got injured, they have given up on forcing me to do taekwondo after Rio.”

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