Lebanon Mourns Hezbollah Figure Samir Qantar Death

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Thousands of people have taken part in the funeral procession of Samir Qantar, a high-ranking member of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement, in Beirut.

Lebanon Mourns Hezbollah Figure Samir Qantar Death

The funeral ceremony of Samir Qantar was held in the Lebanese capital on Monday, with mourners shouting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

Qantar was killed during the Israeli raid which targeted his home in the Syrian city of Jaramana, located 10 kilometers from the capital, Damascus, early on Sunday.

Lebanon's Hezbollah movement also confirmed on Sunday that an Israeli raid on a residential building in the district of Jaramana in Damascus has killed Qantar.

Qantar was released from an Israeli prison during a prisoner swap between Hezbollah and Israel in 2008 after serving 29 years in detention.

Hashem Safeieddine, a senior Hezbollah official, said that Tel Aviv will be held accountable for killing Qantar, adding, "If the Israelis think by killing Samir Qantar they have closed an account then they are very mistaken because they know and will come to know that they have instead opened several more."

Israel has welcomed Qantar’s death but not claimed responsibility for the attack, Press TV reported.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari condemned the Israeli attack, saying, "Such acts of the Zionist regime (Israel), which have become a consistent method, are the most dangerous forms of state-sponsored terrorism."

The Syrian government has also issued a statement, condemning the Israeli air raid, which killed Samir Qantar and a number of Syrian citizens.

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