US Cop Shoots Dead Woman in Car Chase

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Police in the US state of California have confirmed that a woman and a dog have been shot dead by an officer at the end of a high-speed chase.

US Cop Shoots Dead Woman in Car Chase

The chase took place early on Saturday, when El Cajon police officers spotted a stolen red Toyota with four passengers and tried to stop it.

The driver pulled over at first but hit the gas and fled the scene once an officer tried to approach the car. The suspects eventually took a wrong turn and trapped themselves in a cul-the-sac at the end of a high-speed pursuit.

According to El Cajon Police Department (ECPD), an officer got out of his patrol car to approach the stolen vehicle. But the car sped toward him, prompting him to fire 4 shots at the passengers, Press TV reported.

The gunfire struck an unidentified 25-year-old woman sitting in the front seat, along with a dog that was inside the car. They both yielded to their injuries a short while later, according to police.

The three surviving male passengers were also arrested bt the ECPD, two of them charged for drug-related crimes. The driver was charged with attempted murder on a police officer and evading police.

The officer involved in this deadly shooting was serving in Patrol Division and has been an officer for three years, the ECPD said.

An investigation into the matter was ongoing. The police was yet to release the names of the suspects.

A report by the Washington Post has found that last year, American law enforcement officers fatally shot nearly 1,000 people, of which 90 were unarmed and did not possess weapons of any kind while confronted by cops.

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