British Embassy in Iran to Resume Issuing Visas Soon: Spokesman

British Embassy in Iran to Resume Issuing Visas Soon: Spokesman

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari announced that the British embassy in Tehran will resume issuing visas to Iranian nationals in coming weeks.

“Britain has announced its readiness to issue visas to Iranian nationals in Tehran within the next three weeks,” Jaberi Ansari said Monday at his weekly press briefing in Tehran. 

He further pointed to the future of relations between the Islamic Republic and Britain, saying that the ties are decided on the basis of the regulations passed by the parliament and the country’s policies.

Jaberi Ansari added that no decision has been made yet by Iranian policy makers about the future of Tehran-London relations.

The British embassy in Iran reopened on August 23 after a 4-year closure.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond attended a ceremony in Tehran to mark the reopening. It was the first visit by a British foreign secretary to Iran since 2003.

Simultaneously, Iran’s embassy in London also reopened.

The two countries’ ties had soured in 2011. On November 27, 2011, a large majority of Iranian lawmakers voted to downgrade diplomatic ties with Britain, following Britain’s decision to impose sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran.

Later, angry Iranian students stormed the British embassy in Tehran and pulled down the European country’s flag.

Following the incident, Britain withdrew its diplomatic staff from Tehran on November 30 and asked Iran’s diplomatic delegation in London to leave within 48 hours.

The two countries made diplomatic efforts afterwards to amend ties.

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