Baghdad Urges Riyadh to Replace Ambassador

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iraq’s government on Sunday called on Saudi Arabia to replace its ambassador in Baghdad over making sectarian comments.

Baghdad Urges Riyadh to Replace Ambassador

According to report carried by Iraqi state TV, Iraq’s foreign ministry released a statement on Sunday urging the Saudi regime to replace Thamer al-Sabhan over his remarks deemed as interference in the Arab country’s internal affairs.

Sabhan has repeatedly made anti-Iran comments, claiming that the Islamic Republic’s advisory presence in Iraq is exacerbating tensions with Sunnis.

Back in June, Iraq’s foreign minister denounced the Saudi ambassador’s remarks about Iran’s role in the Arab country, including its advisory assistance to fight Takfiri militants. 

Ibrahim al-Jaafari said al-Sabhan’s comments represent “flagrant meddling in Iraq’s domestic affairs,” and run counter to standard diplomatic duties.

Ja’afari further pointed to Baghdad’s policy of détente vis-à-vis world countries, adding his country does not seek to cut diplomatic ties with any state.

Baghdad has persistently said it would not allow Riyadh to draw Iraq into the kingdom’s conflict with Tehran.

Iraqi officials have reiterated time and again that Iranian military advisers are in the Arab country at the request of Baghdad.

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