Syrian Woman Recounts Suffering under Militant-Imposed Siege (+Photos, Video)

DAMASCUS (Tasnim) – A female resident of the towns of Kefraya and Foua in Syria’s Idlib province recounted her ordeals at the hands of terrorists, calling on the international community to help put an end to the ongoing pains and sufferings of people there under militant-imposed siege.

Syrian Woman Recounts Suffering under Militant-Imposed Siege (+Photos, Video)

“What can I talk to you about, Oh enlightened people? Would I speak about the homes remaining void of any life? There remains no water, no power, no oil and no flour. The families have no more foodstuff for their children. Our air, soil and crops are contaminated by chlorine gas and the poisonous stuff from the mortars fired by the malicious terrorists. We survive on little food that does not satisfy even children’s hunger, let alone the adults,” she told Tasnim dispatches in an interview. 

She added, “The grip of tyranny and terrorism have blocked aid delivery to Foua and Kefraya, while we continue to starve. Shall I tell you about the fatal diseases that have broken our bones, have ripped our bodies apart and have turned us into souls? Your fellow humans are dying of starvation and lacking medicine in Foua’s hospital. Every day, we are told of a new disease. The medicine has run out and the wounds are not healing. The pain has not been relieved; There are thousands of patients among us waiting for somebody to hear their cries of pain and take them out for treatment.”

The Syrian woman further called on the international community to help them in the face of the terrorists’ crimes, saying, “Help us and save us from certain death, from contagious diseases, and from starvation. Foua and Kefraya are groaning with pain, are in supplication due to tyranny.”

She further condemned the international silence over their suffering and said, “Save us! Help us! How long will such dead silence go on?”

Foua and Kefraya are the only government-held enclave in Idlib's militant-held area. The towns of some 20,000 people have been under siege since 2013. The humanitarian situation remains dire, with a lack of food and basic necessities.





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