Iran Presidential Candidate Clarifies Plans to Raise Cash Handouts

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iranian presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf pledged to triple the amount of monthly cash handouts, pay the registered unemployed in his proposed national job center system a basic salary, and create at least 5 million jobs after taking the office.

Iran Presidential Candidate Clarifies Plans to Raise Cash Handouts

Speaking at a television talk show on Saturday night, Qalibaf, the incumbent mayor of Tehran, said the country is currently beset with unemployment, economic recession, and high costs.

Reiterating his campaign pledge to create 5 million jobs, Qalibaf said his record demonstrates that he will be able to attain that goal by relying on domestic labor force, capital, and technology.

The candidate promised that 1,250,000 jobs would be created only in the rural areas, either in the small-scale industries or in the agriculture sector.

Half a million other jobs are available in the housing and construction industry, he added.

Qalibaf then unveiled plans for a triple rise in the cash handouts, saying the unemployed applicants registered in the national job center system could even receive more money.

The ex-IRGC general finally highlighted the opportunity to double the country’s foreign currency income by curbing the sale of crude products in the oil and petrochemical industries.

In his presidential campaign, Qalibaf has repeatedly criticized President Hassan Rouhani’s economic policies, claiming that only 4 percent of the country’s population have been granted special concessions which have enabled them to earn good money without difficulty.

Ha has also pledged to set up a ministry of foreign affairs and international trade after assuming office, saying the time has come for foreign policy to serve the country’s economic interests in the international arena.

Qalibaf, 56, and five other candidates have launched their campaigns for the May 19 election, including Hassan Rouhani, Ebrahim Raisi, Mostafa Hashemitaba, Mostafa Aqa-Mirsalim, and Eshaq Jahangiri.

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