Shahdad Desert: The Hottest Place on Earth

Shahdad Desert: The Hottest Place on Earth

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A trip to the uncharted desert and the fantastic city of Kalout, in southeastern province of Kerman, is a special treat, cherished even by native Iranians. You will experience the walk among the fantasy-land structures, carved out of sand hills through echoes of the blowing winds.

Shahdad Desert is 100 Kilometers from Kerman. From east, it is 30 Kilometers from Dasht-e Lut and overlooks a plain called Tekab that makes up the main part of Khabis.

You will let yourself roll down the soft sand hills, see the Nebka's (the flower pots of the desert), the in-congruent citrus gardens in the heart of the desert and old fortresses.

You will explore the historic cities of Kerman, Mahan and surrounding villages, and visit the lush green Bagh-e Shazdeh (Prince Garden) known as the 'Paradise of the Desert'.

The inner tranquility that will descent upon you by spending a night or two under the dark and starry skies of Shahdad, in the heart of Lut Desert surrounded by the deep silence of the desert, will add so much more to the pleasures of your trip.

Lut Desert is divided into three sections: The northern, central and southern sections. The central section, which is the largest part of Lut Desert, also reaches its lowest altitude. There are several kalouts, a moving sand castle that is built one day and moves on the next, in this region that extends from central Lut to the west.

These kalouts are located in an area 40km east and northeast of Shahdad. They have been generated by the extreme soil and water erosion and extend from northwest to the southeast of the region. The kalouts cover part of the western fringe of Lut Desert with an average length of 145 km. There is little vegetation in the desert region. In the addition to the kalouts, there are other beautiful attractions to the east of Kerman, the lowest region of Lut Desert to the east of a salt mine called 'Gowd-e Namak', which is situated in the western region of the kalouts.

At this point, the altitude is a mere 56 meters above sea level and is recorded as the lowest region in Iran and not only the hottest place in Iran, but the hottest place on Earth. They call this place 'Gandom Beryan', which means roasted grain. The temperature in Lut Desert can exceed 70˚C in the shade, which makes it even hotter than ‘Death Valley’.

Source: Iran-Daily

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