Iran B Beats Chinese Taipei White at William Jones Cup

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توپ بسکتبال

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran B basketball team defeated Chinese Taipei White in the 39th edition of the William Jones Cup on Sunday.

In the match held at the Taipei Peace International Basketball Hall, Taipei, Iran B beat Chinese Taipei White 77-59.

Iran B basketball team started the campaign with a loss to Atletas All-Star Lithuania.

The Iranian team will face South Korea on Monday.

The R. William Jones Cup, also known as the Jones Cup, is an international basketball tournament held annually since 1977 in Taipei, Taiwan.

It was named in honor of basketball promoter Renato William Jones, who was one of the founders of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Like the Olympics and the FIBA Basketball World Cup, it has both men's and women's versions.

Iran has won the William Jones Cup five times.

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