Lebanese Resistance, Army, Nation: A Golden Alliance (+Video)

BEIRUT (Tasnim) – History has showed that the alliance among the Lebanese Resistance, Army and nation can make such a golden power that can protect the country against any aggression by the Zionist regime of Israel and extremist Takfiri terrorists.

Lebanese Resistance, Army, Nation: A Golden Alliance (+Video)

Regardless of various public views about the alliance, the point is that it has changed into an undeniable fact. The alliance has its roots in the nation and has now turned into a national demand to ensure security of the borders and the entire land.

Lebanese Army, nation and the Resistance movement alliance come to life after sacrifices by all Lebanese people. Despite opposition by certain Lebanese politicians affiliated to reactionary Arab regimes and the West, the Hezbollah Islamic Resistance Movement is becoming more popular on a daily basis in the Arab country.

Hezbollah started a seven-day offensive against Takfir terrorists in Arsal Mountains on June 21 and succeeded to get the militants out of the area.

A second offensive is expected to be launched against Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) militants holed up to the north of Arsal, in the mountains of Ras Baalbeck.

The Arsal area was hardly hit by the spillover of the Syria crisis in 2014, when militants managed to overrun the town for a brief period.

Lebanon has often seen the infiltration of Takfiri elements from neighboring Syria into its territory, where they target the civilian population or security forces with bombings.

Assisting Lebanese army forces, Hezbollah fighters have so far fended off several attacks by the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and Daesh Takfiri terrorist groups. Hezbollah says its mission in Syria is aimed at preventing the spillover of the crisis into Lebanon.

Tasnim interviewed a number of Lebanese people to know their point of view on the issue.

“Can we establish an Army that has superiority over the Israeli Army in military field? An army, which we can rely on it for attacking the Zionist military. An army that give us superiority in military field to liberate our occupied lands? Lebanon is not capable enough to realize this goal. What can protect our lands against enemies ‘aggression or occupation is to receive help from the Resistance, a resistance that has roots in our resisting people. An alliance of Army, nation and Resistance is the best military strategy for all weak countries in face of enemies that enjoy military superiority over them," Walid Sukkarieh, a Lebanese military expert said to Tasnim.

During the Zionist regime’s aggression against Lebanon in 2006, the Lebanese Resistance countered aggressors in border areas. Meantime, the Army defended the frontlines inside the country and the nation resisted, for its part. As a result, the big divine victory came true just like in 2017 and the victory over terrorist groups.

In the interview, Sukkarieh added, ”Both in the recent battle (against Takfiris) and in the war of July 2006, the one who countered Israeli enemy was, at first stage, the Resistance and the Army was beside it and, of course, a nation which was supportive of the Resistance."

"In the recent battle in the Arsal Mountains, the Resistance started the attack operation and the Army impeded terrorists and prevented terrorists’ penetration into the villages and other regions. Of course, the role of Army artillery support should not be neglected. Nobody can deny the role of Army’s firepower. Even now, the Army is ready to provide support for any future anti-Daesh operation.”

This golden alliance has proved its efficiency during operations and in the battlefield. From the Lebanese nation point of view, this alliance’s competence is becoming more evident day by day as the best option to defend Lebanon against foreign threats, including Zionists and Takfiris.

In response to the question that “Do you have faith in power of the alliance of Army, nation and the Resistance?” a Lebanese citizen said, “For sure, I trust in them and any patriot person should trust it.”

Another citizen noted, “We side with the Army and in particular, we are with the Lebanon resistance. The Resistance could liberate us and liberate Lebanon.”

One of the Beirut citizens answered the question in this way and said, “The Army, nation and the Resistance. I mentioned the Resistance after others because it is a source of pride and glory for us.”



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