US Mask Slips Off with Financial Blackmail at UN

US Mask Slips Off with Financial Blackmail at UN

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – There appears to be no depth to which the US will not plunge in its efforts to bribe the world into pretending that the Zionist entity’s crimes should be ignored and that its gross injustices in the face of international law should be forgiven.

Today, Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations notified fellow member states that she would present the US President a list of all nations set to vote in the UN General Assembly to reject the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist entity. This announcement itself is absurd, as the UN General Assembly does not vote via secret ballot and therefore the position of every member state present is known immediately after the votes are placed.

Later in the day, Trump expanded upon Haley’s illogical threat with a more concrete statement. He said that he was happy to withdraw so-called “aid” from countries which vote in the General Assembly to support Palestine’s legitimate position over Al-Quds.

For decades, the United States has made a mockery of the United Nations and the international law it is supposed to represent. Whether paying for fake “revolutions” in countries the US has no right to meddle in or ignoring the very real war crimes of its allies (let alone its own), the United States hides behind the language of “freedom and democracy” in order to use its financial and monetary might to enslave the world. If this wasn’t an insult enough, the US frequently attempts to play God and fashion all other nations, cultures and peoples in its own image, so as to better prepare them to act as underlings. Such a vulgar expression of self-styled superiority is at odds with the ideals of peace, tolerance, respect and international justice.

Today though, more and more countries are rebelling against this financial, military and ideological enslavement. There is hardly a more appropriate place to voice resistance to US global tyranny than in the UN General Assembly, the only place where all nations get to cast their votes and stake their claim on an issue of importance.

When it comes to the issue in question, Al-Quds could not be a more appropriate issue as the holy sites of the city are important not only to Palestinians but to peoples from around the world. By unilaterally proclaiming Al-Quds as the capital of an occupier regime, Donald Trump spat upon the very sanctity of the concept of international cooperation.

Trump acted not with the consent of the world but acted on the orders of the occupiers. One would hope that fair-minded Americans would be able to see that while the US meddles in the sovereign affairs of countless nations, it is the Zionist regime which uniquely meddles in the sovereign affairs of the United States. This was proved with concrete evidence very recently when it was revealed that the leader of the occupier regime colluded with members of Donald Trump’s presidential transition team and convinced them to try and persuade other nations not to condemn the illegal building of so-called “settlements” on Palestinian land at the UN. With many Americans concerned by still unproven allegations that Russia meddled in their sovereign affairs, they seem numb to the fact that the Zionist regime’s leader did this very thing. It would be comical if it weren’t true.

In this sense, any American who loves peace should feel both insulted and appalled simultaneously. It ought to be the duty of such people to peacefully express these feelings as much as possible. If free speech is still allowed in the United States, there is hope that this might happen.

Donald Trump already disgraced the UN above and beyond that of his predecessors when he threatened to “destroy” the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in front of the General Assembly. In same speech, he mercilessly threatened Iran and Venezuela, two countries which have never once in their history invaded or attempted to invade the United States.

Now though, the US is using financial blackmail to try and meddle in the foreign policy of sovereign states in front of the United Nations. While this is a disgrace, there is a positive element to this development.

Perhaps, nations that were naive enough to believe that they could receive US “aid” and still act freely in terms of policy making, will now realize that such an arrangement is not possible.

Aid is something given out of compassion. A purchase is the exchange of money for goods or services. This is what US aid is—it is a purchase disguised as an act of compassion.

Today, the mask slipped off for the world to see. In fact, Trump and Haley are proud of their position, waving their flag of blackmail as though a banner of pride. Such people cannot be taken seriously as political leaders concerned with peace. It is as though the idea of peace and justice has been transformed into a commodity to place on a shelf and sell as though it is worth less than a watch of gold.

While the Zionist regime leaders will certainly be happy with the remarks from the United States, their joy will soon be cut short by the reality that the wider world does not share their position. Even among nations who are far removed from the war against Palestine, Trump’s Al-Quds’s decision has represented a step too far. It also represents a slippery slope for other nations engaged in disputes or conflicts.

A nation must define its own capital city in accordance with international law. One day it is Palestine and the next day it could be another state—perhaps Yemen, where the Saudi regime already acts as though Aden rather than Sana’a is the capital. Such a precedent equates to little more than throwing decades of international legal statutes into a pit of flame.

When a majority of nations support the position of Palestine, the US will be doubly-isolated. First of all, the vote will prove that the US position on Al-Quds is totally rejected by the world and secondly it will show that even under the pressure of blackmail from a nuclear-armed superpower, the true global community will reject an injustice against an occupied people.

By Adam Garrie for Tasnim News Agency

Garrie is an expert in Russia, Eurasian, Middle Eastern and US history. He is a frequent Bullhorn on RT's CrossTalk debate show.

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