No Place for Americans in Iraq: Iraqi Hezbollah

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A spokesman for Iraq’s Hezbollah Battalions condemned the presence of American military forces in his country, saying Iraq needs no US military presence whatsoever.

No Place for Americans in Iraq: Iraqi Hezbollah

In an interview with Al-Mayadeen, Jafar al-Hosseini said the American forces have entered Iraq for leading a so-called coalition against terrorism without the Baghdad government’s consent.

They have forcibly come to Iraq, he deplored, stressing that the Arab country would not need any help from US military advisers or trainers.

Hosseini further took a swipe at the US government for pushing members of the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group into Iraq to find a pretext for a new return of US forces to the Arab counrty.

His comments came against a backdrop of widespread debates over the presence of US military forces in Iraq, stationed there for what the US claimed to be the war on Daesh.

In mid-November 2017, Iraqi forces captured the border town of Rawa, the last remaining town under Daesh control, marking the collapse of the terror group’s self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq.

Since then, Iraqi military units and popular forces have been hunting for remaining armed members of the terrorist group in different parts of the country.

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