Syria Will Never Succumb to Sponsors of Terrorists: UN Envoy

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Syria's ambassador to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari Bashar al-Jaafari condemned US supports for terrorists in the Arab country, noting that the Arab country will never submit to pressure and psychological warfare by supporters of terrorism.

Syria Will Never Succumb to Sponsors of Terrorists: UN Envoy

Al-Jaafari said while addressing a UN Security Council meeting on Thursday on the situation in Syria, SANA reported.

The Syrian diplomat noted that terrorist groups situated in the Eastern Ghouta and designated as terrorist organizations by the UN Security Council have been targeting Damascus with hundreds of rockets and mortar shells on a daily basis, killing and injuring dozens of civilians.

Such incidents are not surprising because whenever there is a UNSC meeting to discuss the Syrian affair, a massacre or a suicidal bombing takes place, al-Jaafari said, adding countless massacres had taken place all over Syria during the past seven years, and were well documented in the hundreds of letters sent to the United Nations.

Al-Jaafari said those who used the word “regime” in this session when talking about Syria have dropped all pretense of objectivity and neutrality, furthermore they reveal the involvement of their countries in what is taking place in the Syria.

“We will never succumb to the blackmail of those who support terrorism in Syria and we will no longer tolerate the plans set up by the five countries that had met in Washington in January with the aim to divide up Syria, undermine the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi and foil the entire political process,” stressed al-Jaafari, pledging that the world would soon understand how hard Syria and its allies had fought against terrorism.

After losing most of the Syrian territories under their control, foreign-backed militant groups, including the notorious al-Nusra Front, are now largely concentrated in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, an area they have been using to launch deadly mortar attacks on the capital.

Syrian government forces have been pounding terrorist positions in the area to liberate it and free a large number of civilians struggling there with malnutrition and lack of basic medical supplies.

The US and its allies accuse Syrian forces of killing civilians in its aerial campaign against militant positions in Eastern Ghouta, a claim sharply rejected by Damascus and Moscow, which backs the anti-terror operation with its air force.

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