Moshir Mosque: The Important Historical Monuments of Iran's Shiraz

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Moshir Mosque was commissioned by Haji Mirza Abolhasan Khan Moshir ul-Molk. The mosque is approximately 250-year-old and is currently being restored.

Information from written sources indicate that few mosques in Shiraz rival it in terms of solidity, pool, stone pillars, shabistan and plinth stones, etc.

The Moshir Mosque is one of the buildings of the Moshir ensemble, erected by this family in the Sang-e Siah district.

Various parts and the tops of the minarets of the Moshir ul-Molk Mosque have been repaired and restored in recent decades and the brick flooring of its courtyard has been replaced with mosaic tiles. Steel doors and windows have been installed in the facades overlooking the courtyard.

The mosque is the most beautiful mosque in Shiraz.

In the north of the mosque, a small Bedchamber is covered with colored tiles.


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