Iran's Hamedan Museum of Natural History

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Hamedan Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum located in the Bu Al Sina University in Hamedan, west of Iran.

Hamadan Museum of Natural History is a rare collection of samples from a variety of animal species, natural vegetation and climate of the country and around the globe.

Thousands of live specimens, fossils of plant species, mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and fish to modern scientific methods are maintained. You can observe the variety of environment and animals and their surrounding in this Museum.

This Museum consists of 3 Saloons. The first one has rock paintings which have been discovered in various parts of Iran. The second hall devoted to aquatics. The third hall is a collection of mineral specimens, fossils and sedimentary rocks of the remains of the different geological eras.

It is noted for its presentation of large horned Alborz red sheep and a black vulture. It also has a considerable taxidermic collection of animals and insects. The museum has an aquarium and live fish tanks.

Source: Satrap Parvaz

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