Iran Has Proof US Moving Daesh to Afghanistan: Top General

Iran Has Proof US Moving Daesh to Afghanistan: Top General

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a top military aide to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, said Iran has evidence that shows the US government is relocating members of the Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group to Afghanistan.

Addressing a ceremony held in Tehran on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the IRGC’s Ansar-ul-Mahdi Corps, Major General Rahim Safavi slammed the US military presence in the Middle East and said Washington has “set fire to the region” and created insecurity here.

“US officials have admitted that they have created Daesh and today, we have proof that they are transferring the group to Afghanistan,” he said.

The top general also highlighted Iran’s leading role in the regional campaign against terrorism and said in addition to its own security, the Islamic Republic has provided security for the West Asia region.

In recent years, the Middle East has been plagued with Takfiri terrorist groups like Daesh, which are believed to have been created and supported by the West and some regional Arab countries.

The terrorist groups, which claim to be Islamic but whose actions are anything but, have been committing heinous crimes not only against non-Muslims but mostly against Muslims in the region.

Iraq and Syria have been among the countries gripped by terrorism.

Iran, a close ally of the two countries, has supported their legitimate governments in their campaign against foreign-backed militancy and terrorism.

On November 19, Daesh terrorists were flushed out of their last stronghold in Syria’s Al-Bukamal. The city’s liberation marked an end to the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate it had declared in 2014.

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