Palestinian Nation Unbeatable: Hezbollah

Palestinian Nation Unbeatable: Hezbollah

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The deputy chief of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement dismissed any attempt at compromise with Israel, saying the Palestinian nation will never be defeated but will keep resistance against the Tel Aviv regime.

The Palestinian nation is protecting its land and opposes any compromise or surrender, Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Monday, adding that the coming days will prove the fact that it is impossible to defeat Palestinians.

His comment, made at a meeting of the International Union of Resistance Scholars in Beirut, came amid escalating protests in Palestine against the planned opening of the US embassy in al-Quds, or Jerusalem.

Sheikh Qassem further denounced the arrogant powers’ policy of “stabilizing occupation” in Palestine since the Nakba Day, when Israel was founded 70 years ago.

He also voiced Hezbollah’s strong opposition to compromise or bargain over territories or dignity of people, promising a “full-fledge and unrestricted battle” against the occupiers.

Israeli troops have killed at least 50 Palestinians since broad demonstrations began on March 30.

The death toll has drawn international criticism, but the US has echoed Israel in accusing Gaza’s ruling Hamas movement of instigating violence.

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