Harooniyeh: A Historical Tomb in Northeastern Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Harooniyeh is the oldest remainder of the Tous city, located 25km northwest of Mashhad, northeast of Iran, and in the western bank of Mashhad-Tous road.

There has been a lot of controversy over the purpose of this building and the construction date. Some believe this to be a School, an Abbey and also a burial place for the Iranian philosopher, theologian and jurist Imam Mohammad Ghazali (the 6th century), others refer to it as a mosque which replaced a Sassanid Temple after the Muslim invasion.

Harooniyeh was construed using an "Azeri” method. It is a mysterious and unique monument of the ancient tous city.

It is a rectangular monument made of bricks. The balcony, the guest room, the doom and the rooms can all be accessed by the public.

Outside this monument a little memorial stone of “Imam Mohammad Ghazali” can be seen. And also a rectangular garden has been built right in front of the balcony.

Source: Oruj Travel