Drone Attack on Venezuelan President Maduro Predicted in 2017

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A cartoon claiming to be drown back in 2017 shows the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro being targeted by a US drone attack during speech.

Drone Attack on Venezuelan President Maduro Predicted in 2017

The Brazilian freelance political cartoonist Carlos Latuff who in his art works has drown many cartoons against Zionism, capitalism and US military intervention in different countries is best known for his works regarding Israeli–Palestinian conflicts.

In his latest tweet he posted the picture of one of his previous works, which he believed was a prediction to the drone attack on the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, writing “After news of bomb attack against Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, I think this cartoon I made for @MintPressNews in 2017 sounds now like a prediction!”

The cartoon shows American hands controlling a joystick connected to a quadcopter that is unloading firebombs on Maduro while his is giving a speech.

The Venezuelan President was targeted by drones laden with explosives during speech on Saturday.

Maduro blamed the attack on far-right factions in Venezuela, in addition to the US and Colombian governments.


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