Swarm of Bees Shut Down Times Square by Making Home atop Hot Dog Stand (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A swarm of more than 25,000 bees took control of a hot dog stand, causing a brief commotion in Times Square.

It happened at 43rd Street and Broadway at about 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The New York Police Department’s bee keepers unit responded to the scene and safely removed the bees.

WABC-TV shows thousands of bees crowding the top of the vendor’s umbrella as a beekeeper sucks them into a hose, Reviewjournal reported.

NYPD's bee keeper Officer Michael Lauriano could be seen in a video by Reuters, sporting protective gear as he made his way to collect the bees.

Wearing netting across his face, the NYPD's 'Bee Guy' climbed on a ladder and vacuumed the bees in a matter of minutes.

'We try to get as many as we can,' Lauriano explained to the New York Post. 'We like to keep the families together.'

According to @NYPDBees, the department's official Twitter account, the bees stopped by just so they could get a quick drink before finding a more permanent home.

'Please Bee advised, @NYPDTimesSquare is safe again from our buzzing comrades,' the account stated.