Alendan Lake in Sari, A Fantasy That Is A Reality

Alendan Lake in Sari, A Fantasy That Is A Reality

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The beautiful lake is located in the village of Alendan in the City of Sari. This Lake is located near the city of Sari and has its name from the village.

The place is 17 hectares, reaching 30 hectares during rainy days. In winter, it is the habitat for wild ducks. And in recent years, its use has increased with the release of fish in the lake. On the other side of the waterfall there is a house that is very suitable for drinking water, because there is no human habitat from the source of this river until it is connected to the agricultural land.

There are shrubs and dwarf shrubs near the abandoned palace that host their guests in the fall. It is interesting to know that the water is provided only through heavenly descents, and no river runs towards it.

The type of soil and its lack of soil permeability has caused the water to remain in the water. In the early spring of Abandan, the flower is white violets, alzai (wild scallops) and various aromatic and medicinal grasses.

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