Syrian Refugees Embark on Organized Return from Lebanon

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Hundreds of Syrian families gathered at pick up points across Lebanon Tuesday morning to return to their home country.

Syrian Refugees Embark on Organized Return from Lebanon

In the latest refugee return to be organized by Lebanon’s General Security in cooperation with the Syrian government, hundreds of Syrian families boarded buses in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, The Daily Star reported.

The group will be heading to the Masnaa and Abboudieh border crossings, to start leaving Lebanon at 5 p.m.

The report said that around 200 refugees from Tripoli are set to return through Masnaa, where the Syrian government will provide buses to take the returnees back to several villages.

Dozens of Syrian refugees meanwhile gathered in Shebaa and Nabatieh in southern Lebanon to return to several Syrian villages around Mount Hermon, as had been announced by General Security on Monday.

General Security buses also transported Syrian families who gathered in Metn’s Burj Hammoud Stadium east of Beirut, heading to the Masnaa border crossing, where they will join the larger group of returnees.

The return from Burj Hammoud is the first to be organized from Mount Lebanon, which, according to local news channel Al Jadeed, saw 50 people gather there to make the journey.

Several media outlets reported varying numbers of returnees.

The Health Ministry provided vaccinations to nearly 100 of the refugees returning Tuesday, the majority of them children, in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross.

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