Isfahan Aquarium, Enjoyment of Observing Oceans in Historic City

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The first tunnel aquarium in Iran, Isfahan Aquarium, habitat to more than 6500 aquatic animals of 350 aquatic species from five continents, is located in Nazhvan Forest Park of Isfahan.

Isfahan Aquarium, Enjoyment of Observing Oceans in Historic City

Isfahan, being the cultural and touristic capital of Iran, is a magnificent treasury of monuments, historic and cultural attractions. In addition to such amazing collection, the natural beauties of Isfahan like Zayande-Rud River, makes it even more attractive to travelers.

Visiting a tunnel aquarium in one of the largest and greenest forest parks of Isfahan, Nazhvan Forest Park, can be a very charming place for tourists ready to visit the most beautiful places in Iran!

Containing 300-350 various aquatic species gathered from different aquatic bodies of the planet, the number of the aquatic animals in this tunnel aquarium increases to more than 6500, including six different species of sharks.

Almost 100 of the aquatic species here are considered to be rare and dangerous species. It takes several minutes of walk in a deep, ocean-like tunnel aquarium to observe the most amazing and rarest aquatic species of our planet.

A diverse fish species collection of saltwater and freshwater, starfish, seahorse, turtle, crab and six shark species can be seen in a 35 meter tunnel aquarium and 33 separated 5-10 meter aquariums. Thematic aquariums, cylinder aquariums and touch tanks can be seen in the complex. A souvenir shop, a café and a photograph stall are also available to complete the pleasure of your visit.

Source: Going Iran

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