Gandoman Wetland: A Main Aquatic Ecosystems West of Iran

Gandoman Wetland: A Main Aquatic Ecosystems West of Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The Gandoman wetland is not very far from the Choqakhor Wetland; in fact, it is a part of Choqakhor waters which forms the Gandoman Wetland.

Gandoman is a city and capital of Gandoman District, in Borujen County, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, southwestern Iran.

Surrounding this wetland are beautiful meadows providing bush grazing grounds for herds. The Cheroo Mountain Ranges standing at an height of 3.500 m. and spanning a distance of west to south of this wetland brings Casts a glorious reflection of its landscape and beauty in these waters.

Various springs surrounding this wetland make excellent recreational spots as well as a water source for the said wetland. A few of these important springs such as Naseer Abad Spring, Golgap Spring, Bidal Spring and Vastgan spring are present in the skirts of the Sabz Kooh (mountain).

The wetland also forms a natural habitat for birds, as well as recreational areas, paddocks, and riding facilities in the surrounding meadows. Because of its temperate summers and cold winters, the region is considered as a summer quarter for this province.

Source: Travital

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