Aqbalaq Waterfall; A Tourist Attraction North of Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Aqbalaq Khalkhal-Koolar waterfall is located in Ardebil province. Aq Kuh (White Mountain) is at the maximum height of 3322 m above sea level, the highest point of Khalkhal city and the most important mountainous area of the central area of this city.

Aqbalaq Waterfall; A Tourist Attraction North of Iran

On the slopes of this mountain range there are many springs, which provide water for streams such as Mianrudan, Golbondrood, Zal River, and others.

The most important spring of this significant catchment area is the Springs of Aqbalagh. This spring is located at an altitude of about 2750 meters from the sea level.

The waterfall is very beautiful, with a beautiful, vivid and white outlook. The presence of various herbaceous and herbaceous species around this beautiful waterfall makes it twofold. The water of this spring, which originates from one of the main branches of the Zal River, is drained through the Ghezel Ozan River.

This springs and cascades are located within the protected area of Agh Dagh, the most important wildlife habitat in the province.


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