Syrian Army Attacks Terrorists in Hama Countryside

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Syrian army on Tuesday attacked terrorists in northern Hama countryside in retaliation to breaches of the de-escalation zone agreement by the militants who tried to infiltrate the army positions in the region.

Syrian Army Attacks Terrorists in Hama Countryside

SANA reported that an army unit thwarted terrorist group’s attack toward the town of Murak located in the Suran district of Hama province.

The army also eliminated a group of Nusra Front-linked terrorists in Bab al-Taqa town in al-Ghab plain in northern Hama, the report added.

The Syrian army has responded to multiple attacks by terrorists in the northern and southern countryside of Hama province this week, after they had breached the de-escalation zone agreement with the government.

This comes after reports of the army offensive on Monday that targeted positions of Nusra Front terrorists and its affiliated groups who had movements near the villages of al-Hwaiz, al-Hwaija, Jisr Beit al-Ras, al-Twaina and al-Sharia in the northwestern Hama countryside.

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