Activists Compare Worldwide Attentions to Notre Dame Fire with Destruction in Syria, Iraq

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Twitter activists highlighted the amount of attentions given to Notre Dame cathedral fire incident in comparison to destruction in Syria and Iraq and even Palestine that were done by terrorist groups and Israeli forces.

Activists Compare Worldwide Attentions to Notre Dame Fire with Destruction in Syria, Iraq

Twitter users pointed to the amount of attention payed and solidarities expressed by the nations and their leaders following a fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, after they offered support for the recovery of the cathedral and compared their lack of action toward a World Heritage site such as Aleppo's Grand Mosque as well as the mosques and churches that were destroyed by terrorist groups and Israeli forces in Syria, Iraq and Palestine.

Built in 717 CE and altered several times, the Great Mosque of Aleppo used to be one of the architectural masterpieces of the Muslim world.

The mosque is located in Aleppo's walled Old City, a Unesco World Heritage site. Heavy fighting between the Syrian army forces and western-backed terrorist groups have ruined the holy site and toppled its minaret.

The medieval Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo was recaptured by the Syrian army troops after witnessing over four years of terrorists' atrocities and taking damage from western-supported war in the country.

Social media users and activists poured to Twitter to express their anger over great deal of attention toward fire at a French cathedral with no serious human casualty compared to the lack of attention by the West toward the lives that were lost in the hands of terrorists in Syria and Iraq who destroyed places of worship while using western-made weapons.

A Lebanese news presenter mentioned the number of Mosques and Churches that were deliberately destroyed by the hands of terrorists who used western-made weapons including France’s without gaining any of world’s attention.

“How many historical mosques and how many churches have they deliberately burned in Iraq and Syria ... and not by accident?” adding, “has any of those who made weapons and set them off our land to destroy our religion, civilization, peace and history, even blinked?

Another Bahraini user wrote “people (are) sad for burned stone and do not care about burned people” referring to people killed in Syria and Iraq that were killed by terrorists.

“They take our time for a small tower fire, have you seen them weeping for minarets that were destroyed in Iraq or the destructions that were left in Sham (Syria) or the treasures they looted,” another user also wrote while posting pictures of destruction in Iraq in comparison to Notre Dame.

Another Arab speaking user wrote in English that he did not find any empathy from the West while the Palestine heritage were being destroyed by Israeli force.

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